Author: DraK <SK@SK.COM>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/10/2020 1:36:17 PM
Subject: RE: My new Website is blowing up - suggesttion

I'm nothing too special, but yeah I do write about the modern music world for various sources and I'm starting to get hired to publications that are a bit bigger in scope that might actually lead somewhere because I do like writing. In this case, I was chosen by IHeartRadio because it's probably true that there aren't too many people who know more than me about the nightlife scene, especially the underground/rave scene, in Los Angeles and San Francisco since the 90's.

And yeah I make my own music but it's mostly mashups and remixes right now until I can afford to buy some super sick equipment that I've had my eye on.

If you are interested and like all types of music, check out my mixes on my soundcloud: Psilo's Soundcloud. I recommend "Just A Sample" and my new one "SeoulSplit" which is about to hit 10k unique listens and I'm pretty happy about that. Almost all of the remixes are my own or stuff I did with friends.

I've had a lot of free time since my fiance and I broke up and definitely have been using music more as a tool to help heal the pain. It works... thanks for the reply. I post stuff here by muscle memory (mostly) and don't expect replies to my stuff usually ;)