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Date: 6/8/2020 4:31:02 PM

My site is starting to blow up. If anyone is in L.A., I'll be interviewed on 93.5 KDAY Radio Station at midnite in a few weeks about my site and then a few hours later about 'nightlife scene in california' from the years 2000-2010 (that one is not KDAY but a different L.A. station).

Why me? Yeah I dont know either. My friends just say "who else?" but i have a bit of self-loathing sometimes so i guess i dont have that gear turning correctly. KDAY and KMEL just said "We kept seeing the name Psilo pop up literally everywhere, about everything, especially related to music, and our board decided you were the best one for what we want to talk about". So I had a practice interview over Zoom and apparently they really liked my "energy" whatever that means.

It's just the radio, and then a subsequent 90 minute podcast, but im a bit nervous as they average ~100,000 live listeners per session. It's the I-HEART-RADIO main podcsat, 2nd to Joe Rogan on whatever network that is. I'll post the mp3 here when I get the file from them in July.

Anyway the interview will be mostly about rave, but I started this 1-2 year project on hip hop/rap when 2020 started. It's called 50 States In 50 Weeks. Once a week, I focus hard on one single state with no less than 10-15 hours of listening to every single hip hop or rap artist I can find in that state throughout the week, which is research I take very very seriously, then I do a summary about the scene, a summary about (who i think) are the best artists in that state, and I show off 6 full songs and examples that have both Spotify and Youtube links. I also include videos if I think they are relevant enough. I will be running zero ads but interestingly enough, a few rappers and a few managers of said rappers have already sent generous-ish donations because I gave them some good words and showed off their stuff! Arkansas' scene being the worst ever - but the one rapper 607, his video for the song "One Man Band" is a great example of that. SKILLS.

I would love any suggestions about hip hop artists or rappers in YOUR state that you know about! I will include your name and credit unless for some reason you don't prefer that.
So Cal is going up tonight and you won't be seeing any Snoop Dogg or Dr Dre music. I get to the street level, up'n'comers, and other overlooked artists to make sure my content is worth reading about and listening to. Like, not a chance Eminem goes up on the Michigan page late this year, because why?

I'd be psyched if you guys checked out my year-long project. Puerto Rico and Cuba will also get their own weeks, making it a 52 week project in reality.

The United States of Hip Hop

Currently on Week 6 of 52. Yay! Fun fun! (Really it is).