Author: Astanyx <>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/20/2020 1:21:16 PM
Subject: RE: I don't understand

I said it before, we needed to put a bit of a hold on stuff until we have more information, which we did and now we do, is it perfect? no its not but things don't look nearly as doom and gloom as they did 2 months ago, every report makes things look better than the last. In Ontario we haven't even remotely come close to overwhelming our hospitals even at our peak we were at 20% ventilator capacity.

We needed people to understand social distancing, washing your hands, etc is a thing thats required, which I believe we've done. Some people are idiots and will do whatever, those people were still doing that during lockdown though.

We need to keep the people at high risk locked up or some other accomodations so they don't die and can still live.

Time to get the economy rolling again. People are still going to get sick and die, its unfortunate but you can't torpedo all kinds of healthy peoples lives who definitely would never die from this locked up for the sake of a few. Everyone I've met who said we need to keep everyone locked up until longer is still getting a full paycheck, its easy to say when you and your family aren't burning through their life savings etc.

Lastly, common sense needs to win here. Banning things like fishing, camping, throwing a baseball around in a park with your kids and other activities where its super fucking easy to stay away from people is dumb.

Closing schools (again in Ontario) until September is good, has little to do with the economy, seems unnecessary to send them back for a few weeks.

This wasn't directed at anyone above in particular :P