Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/29/2020 2:21:54 PM
Subject: RE: NYC covid prevalance

One way to look at it now is that even if we overreacted with the shut down, it may have been necessary to mitigate. Too many unknowns to just let it fly. Above this, most countries learned that they are massively under equipped to deal with a pandemic. We now understand that having a stockpile of masks, gloves, ventilators etc. Is absolutely essential to be prepared for future outbreaks. We need to realize that this isn’t over once the lockdown lifts... there will be more, it will happen again.

It was a big eye opener to see how a pandemic can wreak havoc in first world countries. The US spends trillions on military to protect its citizens, but wasn’t prepared for a pandemic or virus. For sure shits going to change after this and for sure world leaders will have pandemics in the back of their minds when making decisions in the future.

So yeah, trying to be glass half full here... this will hopefully have a long lasting positive impact in the way that we prepare for shit like this. The next pandemic could have a much higher mortality rate.