Author: Tonester <@home>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/29/2020 10:28:27 AM
Subject: RE: NYC covid prevalance


Hindsight is always 20/20.

There were so many unknowns (and we are still learning more). There might be way more to worry about than just "dying". i.e. Possible reports of permanent lung scarring/damage?

There is also 0% chance we would have "been responsible" if we hadn't gone through what we've gone through. And even now, we still have so much misinformation (mostly propagated by our esteemed leader). People are much more aware and explicit in how they protect themselves.

When the next one comes around, we have this to look back on. We'll require less education. We'll also overreact less I'm guessing. But to be where we are, look at some numbers, and then be like, "Haha - we were idiots!". Pretty unfair and completely biased, imo.

All that being said... take my position with a grain of salt. Relatively speaking, I've been impacted 0% from this financially. I know there are millions and millions of people that don't have that luxury... so I get the outrage, anger, and frustration.

My biggest potential fear of some bi-modal way of dealing with this is that some companies may say, "We are open! Get back to work." and there are still several people who just can't do that because they are exposed and taking care of loved ones who will almost certainly die if exposed (my mother-in-law is undergoing chemo).