Author: Maelstrom <rxfoster google>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/28/2020 6:20:20 AM
Subject: RE: Minecraft Vanilla 1.15.2

Okay... so, long ago I was able to merge the PiceCraft 2.0 and 3.0 maps...

2.0 was the second go of Alpha, the one with all the Nintendo characters at spawn, Drak's failtree, Injate's big ass reed temple, etc...

3.0 was the first round of Beta... it has Infernals big trap right by spawn, Wesman's stuff east of there... etc... it's not the very last backup of that map, but I don't think many people were playing/will miss the last additions.

If you spawn at the new world and turn around, that building immediately in front of you will be the portal room. The portals are marked, alpha spawn on the left, beta spawn on the right.

Don't trash old builds, if it didn't belong to you then, it doesn't belong to you now, etc.

If you were in Hack the Planet and want to go to HTP base, the rail line is from a build before I went back and power-railed the line... the old booster carts don't work anymore... so if you don't want a 7km walk, go to alpha spawn instead of beta spawn... you will come out of the portal facing what used to be north... head to Downeast's old mega-farm... that marks what was the extreme NW corner of the Alpha map... (directions are fucked up now) if you take the railroad bridge directly to his front door and then keep walking straight ahead through the swamp, HTP base and Truck's castle will be like half a click or so that way and a bit to the left.