Author: Fresh Meat . <Mymodem >     Reply to Message
Date: 4/15/2020 7:33:14 PM
Subject: RE: In other news: Half-Life Alyx

My money went into quarantine and is only available for essential purchases. But seriously, new games make me forget old games so I try to work on what I have first.

But let me share some VR experiences. I learned that its really not easy to shoot someone who's trying to run for cover. I thought the movies had it wrong.

I also learned that it's a little more complicated to reload when you have a gun in each hand.

When zombies are attacking in a dark cave, I found out simply closing your eyes does not work. You have to rip the headset off your head as fast as you can if you want to nope out of there.

I also think Open Wheel race car drivers are crazy. I went into the first turn and thought I was going to die. Pure VR awesomeness.

And lastly the best moment was when dog meat the German Shepherd from Fallout walked past my leg at the same time the cat did, way too real, freaked me right out.