Author: Fresh Meat . <mymodem>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/7/2020 7:27:24 AM

At least they did on my Xbox.

Anyways, have you guys seen the eSports on the broadcast TV? Pretty fucking awesome I think.

I don't have any links to share because I'm sure you can youtube some of the sports you'd like to see.

NASCAR, F1 and NBA2k are a few things on TSN on Sundays. NASCAR for example, they have a mix of NASCAR drivers and iRacing pros. They have the FOX NASCAR announcers calling the race, and they use the same camera style as a real race. Commercial breaks and sponsers just like real sports TV.

If you tune in mid race, it takes your brain a couple of seconds to notice it's not real. And not many caution flags.

They do 'in car' interviews with the drivers and you get to see some of the racing rigs these guys have at home. Some have mega setups and some have a the same logitech wheel I have.

So, eSports in the Olympics? I'm leaning a little towards yes now.

and Oilers would have won the cup.

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