Author: ThePope <asdf>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/3/2020 7:09:46 PM
Subject: RE: This is insanity...

i was wrong when i said Ontario will have enough PPE. there is no way we or anyone will have enough. Were projecting +1530 deaths from our 67 so far, and with the covid case load we've seen so far we've spent a lot of our PPE stock. Im using deaths to calculate PPE usage, april will have 22x the deaths therefore 22x the PPe usage therefore were out of ppe. PPE is not on the way, at least not at a meaningful amount. even if trump didn't use war measures to restrict the export of PPE there still wouldn't be enough. There wont be enough for the world for many months, and Ontario isn't special and we don't deserve PPE any more than any other.

I see homemakers at my job wasting PPE for patients that aren't even showing any symptoms or have travel history, 'spending' it like its a infinite resource. I guess they are in a hurry to get laid off which is what will happen when SHTF and they dont have a mask. I honestly think they should take PPE away from us and give it to the ICU nurses, but at least im sure no more is coming down the pipe for a long time. Were doing screeners on every patient and if they have as much as a runny nose were supposed to deny them service. I hear of nurses in community blowing through PPE too. i have yet to use a single surgical mask. Yes there are "asymptomatic carriers" but were not in a position to wear masks for every patient.

I personally don't fear if i get it, i think its actually a forgone conclusion that i will get it eventually. Im mid 30's and healthy so it'll probably bounce off me. I interact with around 40 different patients per week, and they all have their circle they interact with. Ive heard patients tell me stories of what they see at the grocery stores but haven't been myself in 2 1/2 weeks. Ive heard patients tell me of their family members going to the grocery store sick 'because there's no one that can do the shopping for them'. ya right order groceries for parking lot pickup. I don't expect anything from human beings.

im about 2/10 on the stress scale. Im actually enjoying the new way of life. Im working more than i used to because there's nothing to do otherwise, haven't taken a day off in 3 weeks by my own choice.

Ontario is closed for business for at least 3 more months. Home depot is closing their doors to customers, online ordering and pickup only. I think its going to be 'until theres a vaccine and its distributed' aka 2years+ until things reopen.
Schools- closed
Gym- closed
Malls- closed
Tim hortons- open for some reason

The government is going to be printing cheques all this time. Money printer go BRRRrrrr