Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/16/2020 3:14:47 PM
Subject: RE: Lando

I turn 38 in a couple weeks, but my parents are 70 and 72 and are currently en route back to Canada from California. They're smart and will be self-quarantining for 2 weeks once they get back in a couple days. Then there's my brother and sister in law who were in Seattle last week for a conference (was cancelled, but they went anyways), but got back and carried on as usual, going out for groceries etc. Worst part is they have 10 kids in their house as they foster/adopt.

Don't panic, but don't just carry on with life as usual. Read official documents and information packages that explain what to do if you've traveled recently etc. Stay home unless you need to go out. Don't need to wear a mask and gloves if you don't have symptoms, just wash your fucking hands and don't put your fingers in your mouth and nose. All things we should be doing regardless of epidemic status... maybe this will help people to realize how fucking stupid it is to cough in their goddam hands. That has always driven me insane when I see people do it.

There's a lot of bad info out there. A church in Korea thought spraying salt-water in your mouth cures coronavirus, so they ended up spreading it to 40+ other people. SMH.

One thing I learned recently was how airborne this virus is. Just being in the same vehicle as someone can transfer and an airplane that uses recycled air can transfer. Keep your distance, wash your hands. All simple stuff. Stay safe people.