Author: Astanyx <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/14/2020 4:49:29 PM
Subject: RE: US Healthcare Question

V3, you may be right, part of why its so complicated.

Lando, I believe Bernie would be an overwhelming net negative to US society over any positive he would bring. Some social programs are fine, we have a bunch in Canada. Socialism as a whole, which I believe he would push for, would be a disaster.

The rich could absolutely pay more taxes to help out and wouldn't really feel it all that much but it isn't a substantial enough amount of money to make any real differences for a society the size of the US. Not saying you believe/said this but there are lots of clueless people who do.

Something to think about on the wealth gap. Its true that its wider than ever however what I think you really need to look at is your personal standard of living. I'm absolutely better off than my parents ever were and exponentially better off than my grandparents were. My kids have more stuff than I did at their age too and I'm far from rich so.... are the 'poor' really getting poorer just because the gap is getting bigger?