Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/14/2020 3:42:47 PM
Subject: RE: US Healthcare Question

Sorry Ast, but my point wasn't that Amazon doesn't pay taxes and if Amazon were taxed your problems would be fixed.... not at all. Amazon is one piece, but take the richest 5% of corporations and individuals in the US, tax them an extra 1% on top of everything past $20 mil ... etc etc. insert Bernie quote here explaining how it works.

But yeah, I know what you're saying and I see the dilemma here. The fact is some people will have to sacrifice for it to happen. Most Canadians are perfectly happy sacrificing a bit of income for universal health care... I've only met a handful of people that would rather have it privatized.

The wealth gap in the US is so massive right now, it would make complete sense to start chipping away little bits of the top to give to the bottom. Trickle down economics won't fix this problem, as is obvious. REAL solutions with actual beneficial outcomes for low income families.

You still have a country that deals with an opiode epidemic by putting addicts in prison... same with your tax system. How are you helping the poorest? Food stamps? Welfare? Are these actually working?

Fucking sad that the most powerful country in the world hasn't quite figured out cause and effect yet. If they did maybe they'd be more open to solutions that actually help the issue. Healthcare is the same... there's an issue, but the solutions coming out just sound like the same old bs.