Author: Drak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/8/2020 12:18:35 PM
Subject: RE: My most badass overwatch moment...

Nice! As a Pharah main, I would hate you so much and probably say something snarky in game chat.

Why aren't we friends on there? Add me, Seoulhunter #1681 (or 1861, cant remember), I play every evening, usually with others between SR 1500-2500. Any mode, comp or otherwise.

My Symmetra has recently gotten super sick to the point where every map is starting to become muscle memory for both turret placements and secondary fire (I only use secondary, the math shows it's clearly better for people with good estimation/proximity skills. 140 dmg per ball is crazy!

And my Hanzo has recently shot up to levels I previously thought I'd never hit.