Author: Drak <>     Reply to Message
Date: 2/4/2020 7:38:38 AM
Subject: RE: anyone want to try and justify this:

If I had to choose which one of the two would be better to take out, it would be Xi because he essentially changed the entire Chinese constitution in order to become the leader of the country for (probably) the rest of his life or until he sees fit to appoint someone new. That and the muslim camps that are mainly used for China's insanely successful Organ trade; successful because prisoners are killed for their organs as there isn't any other way the math works out there... Those 2 things are so horrendous and inhumane that I don't even believe Trump would be okay with them. Well, he might want to be president for life, but since it's not an option in America right now to somehow modify that nearly unmodifiable law, I doubt the thought would even cross his mind.

But Xi... that dude is a baaaaad dude. He's the closest thing to Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars we have on the planet right now. I wish i could snap my fingers and drop him from his bed into the streets of Hong Kong. He would be slaughtered with fury.

I'll take that beta omega chubster Kim Jong Un any day. At least he's so over the top that its a little bit entertaining. There's nothing entertaining about any aspect of China. Except the food. The food is freaking off the richter scale for sure.