Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 2/1/2020 9:02:10 PM
Subject: RE: Chinese gutter oil

Funny Mikey how you can assume something like that without actually knowing. But wait, that's what happens on here regularly when you're posting so I won't need to try and explain what kind of privelage you had compared to me or what kind of poverty you've been able to avoid in your life that I haven't.

IF you actually read or were able to comprehend what I wrote, you'd see that I wasn't calling gutter oil something apart from poverty, but saying that it is something that isn't standard with poverty anywhere else in the world. Even in China gutter oil consumption is rare for impoverished regions.

So me pointing out that it happens and it's fucked up isn't my way of saying "hey guys look, people are poor and poor people use gutter oil".

If you don't understand yet, I'll make it clear. I'm going to say to you now "Mikey, why do you think that all poor people use gutter oil to cook their food in? Are you so privelaged that you don't understand that all poor people use gutter oil?"

See? Do you get it?