Author: Tonester <@home>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/30/2020 12:27:12 PM
Subject: Hate the game, not the player


I hate Trump. I really do. I actually agree with the "spirit" of many of his policies. And even for the ones I don't agree with, I can actually appreciate the fact that a ton of people do agree.

But he is absolutely a horrible fucking human being.

He is easily swayed by conspiracy theories and non-science.
He actively refuses to acknowledge facts.
He makes several false statements... for whatever reason.

The thing I hate the most... and is far less strictly opinionated than my feelings stated above... he does not believe in surrounding himself with people of opposing views. He does not seek diversity of thought, and instead, perceives diversity of thought as some sort of weakness and and betrayal.

His way or the highway. No dialog. No debate. Agree with him? Keep your job. Disagree with him? You're fired.

And THIS mentality is especially dangerous for someone who doesn't process facts and just makes decisions on impulse, scarcely-backed opinions, and blah blah.

All that being said...

As someone who leans slightly more to the left or center.... I'm so fucking disappointed in Democrats.

Hillary was a terrible candidate.

And Obama, in hindsight, is the polar opposite extreme of Trump. Super inclusive. Super open-minded. Super respectful and interested in building bridges. Well-spoken. Well-educated. Well-read. Very articulate.

And he still got shit accomplished...

And now? Biden?


Left-leaning folks are fucking themselves. The more they keep focusing on how such a moron like Trump was elected and thinking the people that voted for him are uneducated, inbred, bible-thumping, morons..... well... the Dems will lose in 2020 as a result.

The facts are?

There are several people in the heartland of this country that have felt marginalized by the media-flaunted culture of this country. In their eyes... not the real culture... not THEIR culture... but the narrow view of the people that control the messaging, the airwaves, the TV screens, etc.

And here comes someone, for better or worse, that has given them a platform to be heard. Yes... these people are probably bible-thumping morons who think Obama was a Muslim... but there are the others who ARE educated. And for them, they see Trump as someone who will fight tooth and nail for the policies they align with (nationalism, pro-life, isolationism, veterans, etc). And for that, they are willing to give up many of the things in a candidate that aren't THAT important. PR speak, double-speak, polish, political correctness, etc.

"He didn't mean it that way... he's a retard. But man... we'll get Roe v Wade overturned."

And the kicker? The Dems are being fucking dummies. Look - I absolutely think Trump should be impeached. But I also understand that Trump can simply wipe out any GOP leader's career with a tweet. He has them all under his boot right now. And honestly, I don't think the founding fathers ever anticipated this being possible.

And that is the crux of my problem with all of this.

I am absolutely blown away that we don't have laws that forbid public figures from making false statements. I'm not talking about censorship here.

We've never seen this in history, imo. And I don't think it will happen, but fuck me... this is how shit goes bad in a hurry.

I can forgive people who voted for Trump the first time. Hell, I almost did. But anyone who votes for him a 2nd term? Well, fuck me.... get your head checked or just admit that you are trading you soul to the fucking devil to get some policy pushed through.

The way to get rid of Trump is to reconnect to the people that voted for him and figure out how to address their needs without compromising our morals, ethics, intelligence, and values.

That isn't happening right now.

Get ready for another 4 years of this ass clown.