Author: Mikey <>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/27/2020 6:40:20 PM
Subject: good podcasts from the left

recently ive stumbled on two reasonable podcasts from the left, The Useful Idiots (Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi and some woman podcaster) and the Jimmy Dore show.

After several episodes, I feel like they're a good recommendation if you like politics and youre a borderline communist sympathizer like most of you on this board.

Both seem to stick to talking about issues completely from a leftist POV, but importantly they're not horrible mainstream neocon left, and they're also not unlistenable woke left. They're both pretty anti-media, anti-war, anti-trump derangement, etc.

Hell, when they're talking anti-war (which is very common) they're about as good as any libertarian podcast that I would typically endorse - and isn't that the biggest/most important issue?

Yes, I roll my eyes when they talk about things where I disagree a bit, but I feel like they keep the disagreements honest mostly and so they're a lot more interesting to listen to.

Jimmy Dore in particular, what a firebrand, and it seems like he really has integrity. He's the kind of guy who you'd be really disappointed to find out that he didn't really hold his values.