Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/19/2020 9:21:12 AM
Subject: RE: Trump & Golf

When you travel the world and meet people in several different countries from many different backgrounds, you realize that the US, Canada... the West is not the world. There's a lot more out there. I get that people are patriotic and nationalistic. It's forced on us from a very young age, just like religion is over here, but if you see how life is lived in different countries you quickly realize that the West is only a small part of it and there's a whole world out there with billions of different people. When someone like Drak is out there talking to people and seeing how the world views the US, you get a way more accurate statement on how things ACTUALLY are and not so much from inside where you see things from a different lens. The world is laughing at Trump, but also scared this idiot will do something stupid before leaving office.

Just from what I've seen, I can guess that well over half of Trump supporters are people that haven't left their hometown or state EVER. Not saying that's a bad thing necessarily, but when you sit at home watching FOX news, stay in your little town and pass around the same bullshit back and forth for eternity, you don't really get ANY kind of real perspective on life. Trump knew this, he pandered to it and this is how he won.

Just proves that some humans haven't evolved as well as others, but at least it's easy to pick them out.