Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/29/2019 9:11:29 AM
Subject: Eddie Gallagher

christ... I'll post this here because I know there are ex-military dudes trolling this page once in a while. I learned yesterday about a NAVY SEAL named Eddie Gallagher that was murdering civilians and unarmed sedated non-combatants including an ISIS fighter (teenager) that was injured, sedated and had just been hit with a cruise missile minutes earlier.

7 other NAVY SEALS came forward to complain about this guy and an investigation was launched. This is where Trump comes in saying he might intervene if the trial doesn't go his way. Then Trump tweets about him, showing support, does interviews with him... touts him as a fucking war hero. Yet go back and listen to the other SEAL interviews. Every single one of them witnessed this guy, at some point, killing civilians. Many of them saw him kill this kid ISIS fighter by stabbing him in the neck (in front of about 50 people). What a piece of trash... and this is the guy trump wants to prop up and call a hero and defend him. What a fucking joke.

So one of the SEALS turns coat in the trial and says "I did it" just to save this piece of shit from going to jail. Trump still defends him. Of course Gallagher and his family jump on Fox News to give "their side of the story". Which is where trump picks up on it and carries the ball the rest of the way.

This is your fucking president. Well done.