Author: PnuE <>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/23/2019 11:58:57 PM
Subject: RE: China?

"I've also learned that in the next decade or so China's economy will likely overtake the US and next the military."

That's the only part i'd feel comfortable commenting about. That's been said for decades now (not saying it isn't true). I'd be interested in what docs you're talking about.

Tariffs against China for unfair practices will also be a part of Trumps 2020 campaign. Not really a spoiler, but he's going to talk about himself going (air quote) HARD against China. He'll talk about how the "SAD" fake media said it was going to blow up the economy, and he'll show how it's done the opposite.

It's way to early to call at this point, but I swear the leftist media is it's own worst enemy at times.