Author: Drak <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/20/2019 4:42:01 PM
Subject: Naww sorry man

Sorry If I'm mistaken here but am I really reading that you are on China's side and not the protestors? If so, this one is easy to completely refute since I am, and have been since the start, THERE.

Your comments on paper are very agreeable and in terms of making a difference, aka legislation, you're totally on point.

But it's obvious you have no experience defending yourself or others against any police faction in the world.

When meme's are being made on reddit, about your actual real life students or friends, that you took the *original* picture of, like my friend Sun Hee here getting sprayed 3 times just for screaming because it was a very masculine, violent and rowdy area with lots of gunfire... and then the cop is cracking up and yelling back to the other cops in Mandarin, "I got one! Look at this one, I got one!" (NOT Cantonese, and THAT is the fucking takeaway. No one speaks Mandarin in Hong Kong if they have to, especially not any fucking police officer).

When you actually see that it's mostly mainland China. This isn't a police force guys, this is an invasion.

If you don't see the beginnings of World War 3 happening, you got Epstein'd by American Media. Taiwan, the best country that has ever provably existed with Chinese blood in it, just posted solidarity to Hong Kong, and I was just in southern Taiwan [Kaohsiung] for 14 days, and the military forces there are gathering for multiple reasons, and Hong Kong is one of them, obviously,

How would you feel if this was your daughter?
Have you ever been gassed by an American Cop, or sprayed in the face, as a Canadian? How would that make you feel?

That is what's happening. Last time I was without sleep for about 56 hours and I was so angry when I posted, but to hear people say the Protestors are doing something wrong.. LOL... Go join the CCP! Go be on China's side! The country that just was proven to *still* be killing people for their good organs, keeping that organ trade alive!

Sorry Sun, I hope you never see that reddit meme'd you. Good meme but it sucks when its a friend.