Author: Inferno <sure>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/15/2019 3:41:58 PM
Subject: RE: Back in America

My wife and kids were born and raised in Hong Kong. I'm a federal employee, to put it that way, with our assets deployed in most of Asia (not HK). Our family dinners are quite vociferous to say the least, although we are definitely on the same page with the violence and shit in HK. And with china's bots crawling this forum as we speak I'll leave it at that. However, keep in mind this is way, way above the low level peon with the shield and baton and pepper spray. He and the other piglets are blindly following orders. You have them ditto in Chile today, Venezuela, Syria, Iraq where they snipe them with real bullets by the dozens every day. So many more died this week there protesting than in HK. You don't get that piglet job for being a pacifist, most/all active duty police guys are Type A personalities.

This fuckery's been done throughout did we get the holocaust with 18 yr old kids as SS guards and executioners? Your hatred and efforts should be focused way above, on an entire communist system that sees itself being threatened to go down like the soviets. They will go to any lengths to keep HK being integrated without American and western interference. And yes, among hundreds of type A piglets, you will find a handful of evils, drunk with power, who will shoot, stab or beat the shit out of a pregnant woman who did nothing more than take pictures. Those fucks can go fuck themselves, and again it's the higher ups who will stand by and let that happen, like centuries before. Also those are the viral videos you'll see online and in the media, which sparked that NWA hit way back.

I have no solutions, sorry. Maybe do your best getting your kids through post secondary schooling and hope they make it highest up the food chain to start making a difference in the system?? If I was their commander I would prosecute the hell out of all of those maniacs, which is what would be a normal process in north america. Again, it's a lot of china over there, and in iraq you can go full auto clip on unarmed protesters and no-one would care. Too sad.