Author: LaNDo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/3/2019 9:39:16 AM
Subject: RE: Just Fled Hong Kong, Molotovs and Smoke

Yikes "Kard" that's some scary shit man, hope you're okay. Just keep in mind there are literally millions of protesters that are likely well above you on their hit list or whatever it is. After reading what you wrote, it truly appears to me, on the outside, that the fear you feel is festering internally and is likely not the result of a plot on you or your family. At least I hope not anyways. There are quite a few messed up stories similar to yours all around hong kong and china right now... there are a shit ton of those little fuckers over there and guarantee there are thousands above you on the totem that they would rather invest dollars into capturing. I'm sure you would be a sexy tall white prize for them, but I really think you'll be okay.

Don't do anything stupid that will put you at risk any further. Fight the good fight, but keep you and yours safe while you do it for sure.