Author: {RB} Kard <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/2/2019 11:20:14 PM
Subject: Just Fled Hong Kong, Molotovs and Smoke

I'm safely in the beautiful country of Taiwan. Kaohsiung, to be exact, a city which I've wanted to visit for many years now due to its relative calm nature and zero fear of China.

This, Planetice, is absolutely the only place I feel safe to post this kind of info, so if you've been seeing my rampant posts on Facebook, an epic story or two, they have been true, but fronts because I was truly scared for my own safety from the hired police force that the piece of shit Xi Jinping, who I will publicly state everywhere until his death that I hope his assassination comes soon and it comes GORY... the police force that he sent from the mainland to Hong Kong to deal with the protests aka riots. I wish I could do it myself. As much as I post that I'm going to kill Donald Trump myself, it's all in jest to make myself laugh and see how many times I can get banned from Twitter.

As one of the few tall, vicious, and unstable white people who was willing to put myself on the front lines during some of the most violent, turbulent moments of my life - I put a target on myself, no doubt about it. Pure chaos raining from the skies. I've never been so fucking scared of Tear Gas in my god damn life. But I've also never been so determined to attempt to murder another human being in my life, and feel no fear during it. The tear gas pellets that were being fired at a group of 10 of us specifically later were (maybe?) proven to have burned through the concrete (thread here: Big Debates About it from people far smarter than I am, but I saw them with my own eyes at least burning skin.

My country or not, I stand for freedom in its most raw form, and we allowed molotov cocktails to be manufactured like an assembly line below our residence before taking them on the metro to Admiralty police station, where I hope Jinping's fucking cronies realized foreigners like me weren't going to accept his shit either. You mother fuckers need to wait until Britain TELLS you it's okay to do what you're doing, the year 2047 (expiration of treaty), and I hope when that time comes, the entire country of China has been transformed into something that right now, should be nuked off the map - children and women first. I am so fucking fired up that this shit is happening that the level of care for my own safety has minimized, despite now having a fiancee instead of a girlfriend only one month earlier.

Since China does not allow non-violent protests to happen, and the police immediately start firing rubber bullets now, there is nothing to do but fight fire with fire. Those stupid pieces of shit shot me at least 20 times with their little rubber bullets as we were putting out the tear gas with fire extinguishers we brought from our own homes. You god damn pussies were firing at the wrong maniac, I've had paintballs pelt me at 400 FPS that hurt worse than your little dingers.

I fled to Taiwan on a lucky tip that my name was near the top of the list for foreigners that they were trying to get to, thanks to my Canadian run company, and my fiancee is now safely in northern India where the only danger is smog and probably some sort of 3-eyed polluted animal.

God damnit. I used to say "I grew up in Oakland, nothing you can do to me is going to scare me bro", that is nothing now. "I was at the Admiralty Police Station throwing molotovs at mainlander corrupt cops in Hong Kong late 2019".

I never want to smell tear gas again. That stuff should NOT be legal. I thought I was dead at least 10 times. I feel like bawling, crying my eyes out from the people I saw defending their literal homes, MIDDLE SCHOOL Girls for god sakes, pelted with bullets, gassed.

Whatever, nothing matters to most of the world. Whatever your opinion on this thing is, please, believe me, as a white person from America who was just there to teach math at a god damn university and play some fucking Overwatch,

Side with Hong Kong in your heart even if you have no idea what's going on.
Fuck China.

Give me a sniper rifle. After I take off Jinping's head, I'll throw it to you and you can take out Trump. All for a better world. I now know violence is native to the universe, there is no peace without death, and I'm a worse person than I was before. I hope my soul can be revived when I get back to California in 2020. Year of the Rat, let's take them out.

^^^ Everything above is fake, if you repost this, just say you know a guy who knows a guy. ^^^

Our girl with the pig trying to stick the steel of his barrel in her mouth, she wasn't even breaking the no-mask law on this day.

Proud to help but don't know how to feel. If there is a God, tell me how the fuck I'm supposed to feel and what I'm supposed to do about the shit I (you???) put me through.

The entire thing has made me more scared of myself than I have ever been and that is a fearful statement, not a boast. Please. Tell. Me. How. To. Feel.