Author: Drak <[email protected]>     Reply to Message
Date: 10/15/2019 10:41:35 PM
Subject: RE: Bomb The Air

No, thank god.

But wait, fuck, I will in 3 months. Permanently coming back.

I'm on the no-fly list as far as I know but only for outbound. Threatened to kill the president way too many times now and Homeland has come to visit my mom's house twice now. Both times she tells them the same thing, which is nearly true: "No, he lives somewhere in Northern Laos and is volunteering with indigineous people there who need help."

Sort of close. I'm in Hong Kong teaching university level math and throwing nightlife events when I get time. But man, im not looiking forward to arriving at the airport with Home.Sec ready for me. Last time we talked on the phone I told them to go fuck themselves on top of a burning American flag.

Luckily, I "apparently" have this condition called I.E.D. which wasn't even discovered till the 90's or so. You can look it up if you're curious about vague mental problems that aren;'t in thre same Family as any of the bipolar diseases are, nor autistic/aspergers.

Anyway, my doctor said I'd be fine if I just bring the paper that proves I have that. Which I do. 187 Murder The President 666 Kill Trump I really don't care anymore. America is a dumb place and after being away for 7 years, moving back to the downgrade that is the USA is going to be a rough anti-culture-shock one for me.

Medical insurance lol. No public transportation ether really. We should have stayed in shity ass England, cause the Injuns were running this place just fine.

Haven't taken my Paxil today.