Author: Hollow <jfdsajk>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/28/2019 2:19:53 PM
Subject: RE: WFA Demo - ]ePi[ vs [HLM] (Round 1)

I was in CDi? Don't remember that lol.

I remember MACHINE, RR, and a clan I put together for shits and giggles who's name I can't remember. Had 7thSign, Grail*, a kid named Cadavre who was a sick sniper in q2wf, and a few other old timer players that hated wfa. I had to beg the guys to play and we only lasted one match, which we won, before they all quit. Tried to all alias, but Astanyx was able to sniff us out.

Other then that I don't really remember the clans. I remember playing with Pez and Lazer. Maybe that was in CDi?