Author: Mikey <>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/26/2019 2:31:18 AM
Subject: RE: WFA Demo - )OC( vs ]ePi[ (Round 1)

Yeah I remember this match. There's a time in round 2 where in on the flag stand with like 5h and all the defense is in front of me, but instead of trying to grapple out, I hide/ crouch in the back corner to LOS them and the entire D dies to a plasma that I know it's about to go off.

Who on earth was Famine and why wasnt he gunning?? Can't remember who Commie was, but 100 ping gunner is not where you want to be in that match.

Meanwhile you and silat just tear them apart.

You can really see PK get deep in the zone a few times, with some inspired, erratic short grapple grabs where you can tell his adrenaline is pumping.