Author: Hollow <jfdsajk>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/24/2019 11:33:51 AM
Subject: RE: Q2WF Demo - [=CC=] vs HO! (Round 3)

Early Q2WF, you didn't win the game via total caps. If you won a map by 100, all you did was win. The 2nd map you could lose by 1 cap and you'd have to play a tiebreaker 3rd map. You could also win via score instead of caps.

Early =CC= had 2 strategies to win. 1, if they got a lead of 1 cap then would turtle(depending on the map, some were too open for it, but, 2fort you were guaranteed to see them do it). 2, If it came to a tiebreaking map they would turtle and count on their fragscore getting the can see Kol'Tek and Tapper telling DD to not die.

While it was obviously an allowable strategy early on, it led to huge fights because turtling started happening every damn match...especially if you played against =CC=.