Author: Inferno <sure>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/4/2019 2:51:18 PM
Subject: RE: Anyone got their eyes on WoW Classic?

Yea, I agree with Niall, the time crunch on the vanilla was mind boggling. I was putting in a good 3-4 hrs every single day (double on weekends) and still couldn't keep up with the guild-mates. The grinds were ridiculous and a drain, which is why Blizz started shortening the time on leveling until they had enough and were just skipping players to lvl 80 free of charge. It was fun after launch as it was new & fresh, and the story line and the unknown kept you going, which made the vanilla grinds almost insignificant. It was also great when unofficial servers came about and introduced vanilla a few years back and you got to relive the nostalgia for just a bit, before you realized a full time job, family & vanilla wow don't mix. But I guess Blizz looked at all the players spending time on pirated servers and thought...damn, those guys get to play vanilla wow for free, shit! Now that you mentioned it I'm interested to see how they treat the major problems with old school wow like slow leveling, slow movement, no kill sharing, impossible ffa groups if ever finding one, crazy items with 1% drops, etc.