Author: chacha <>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/4/2019 8:11:13 AM
Subject: RE: How did .x. come about?

Mikey basically has it right. Myself and Xtant created .x. in the Fall of 2000 to defeat ]$[ who had never lost in WFA yet at that point. I basically took to ICQ and recruited a bunch of Q2WF players that were not currently in any clan. After we beat them some players went to ]$[ and others quit never to play WFA again.

.x.burzum - chacha
.x.xenon/phife - xtant
.x.flux/mystery/element - scorpio
.x.execute - jeeves
.x.antiloop - suicidal
.x.aingide - bamf
.x.method - revok
.x.pamanderson - zuki
.x.oxion - lazer
.x.rison - kadafi
.x.magura - xi
.x.goku - mj
.x.jesus - god
.x.mas - rig
.x.sadistic - omen
.x.dragnon - arman
.x.yz/soss - silat

We reformed again with a different roster in the spring and that is the incarnation that had a handful of players absorbed by ePi. There was a 3rd incarnation that I think went on to become :i: or whatever they were called much later on.