Author: Inferno <sure>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/3/2019 4:07:43 PM
Subject: RE: Demo - CDI- vs ]ePi[

AnUbis]ePi[...oh God, what a loser that guy was. He carried the entire team and, as always, was top of scoreboard, but what a fag name, ugh! He should have gone with the more world-renowned Inferos, Azzael, Inf or Nos..aka "The Man".

Scorp was Hydro and something else?, awesome gunner
Chacha was Brian / ProStar / Burzum?
Silat was himself and awesome
Caim was just engy all its life, and probably A-Polly's son?
Ast was coordinating all and any teams like some sort of fantasy game of Ultimate Soccer Manager. Talk about leadership skills, I think he was the only adult in WFA, he was 18 when we were all 14-ish.
And GED was the poor chap who died of cancer, right? Not the map, the shitty disease.

Chacha I emailed you the demos I had, thank you for uploading all of this shit. Google/Youtube gets paid millions per day to ensure it's on the internet forever...gj!