Author: Inferno <confidential>     Reply to Message
Date: 6/1/2019 7:13:42 AM
Subject: 2001 mIRC logs for nostalgia

Considering the technology of the day I think Q2 and later Q3 had great technology in recording gameplay. I know for most of Q2 I was on dialup and a shitty computer that still probably cost close to $1000 in its day.

Nice list chacha, a large number of the Q3 ones are probably mine (whether recorded by me or clanmates), I was keeping a backed up copy of them at all times. On one of my older drives I have about 100 files of just Q3 WFA demos, if anyone wants the arduous process of converting they're yours.

Here's some chat logs from 2001? Might see your name there if you were a part of, or a friend of, ePi or .x.

ePi -

.x. -