Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 5/14/2019 8:12:14 PM
Subject: Obligatory Favorite Podcast Thread

I've been listening to a few podcasts not previously listed. Here are some of the top ones I listen to. Keep in mind I am totes addicted to true crime podcasts, but there's a healthy mix in here:

1 - Sword and Scale

Mike Boudet stepped down recently due to some snowflake social media scandal or some BS, but the new host is decent and is the same one that runs WebSleuths podcast.
This podcast is captivating... he tells a story very well, includes 911 calls and interviews etc. Once I started I listened to every single episode made. Best of the best here.

2 - Last Podcast on the Left

Henry Zebrowski makes this one epic. He is truly hilarous and they cover a ton of macabre subjects / serial killers. It is done very well and is very funny. Love this one, don't miss an episode.

3 - The Joe Rogan Experience


4 - Small Town Dicks

Very good show. Hosted by the chick that does the voice of Lisa Simpson and some other chick. They have cops as guest hosts and the cops break down their most interesting and memorable cases.

5 - Atheist Experience

Listen to Matt Dillahunty destroy christians live every sunday night. Thousands of theists claim they have proof of a god's existence and all fail miserably. They sometimes air atheist discussion, but that's def. skippable.

Here are some others I didn't list because they're either very popular already or didn't make my top 5, but still podcast staples and recommended:

Hardcore History, Radiolab, Reveal, Dogma Debate, Whiskey Ginger, TigerBelly (very funny w/ Bobby Lee), Binge Mode (they do great GoT episodes), Conan O'Brien, How did this get made?, Armchair Expert, God Awful Movies, Cognitive Dissonance, Ominic Lab (if you're into Overwatch), Reply All and Phone Losers of America (great prank show).

Any recommendations?