Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/25/2019 9:03:10 AM
Subject: RE: Condensed Question

Nobody here and no scientist is saying that today is the day the world ends FFS. That's in no way what anyone here is saying, but yes you can research what the overwhelming majority of scientists are saying, which is this:

The earth is warming at an alarmingly high rate. If it continues to warm like it is now, then in several years from now the coasts will be uninhabitable and it will only get worse. Science also tells us that there is a tipping point, which is likely to happen in the next 20-50 years where it won't matter how much we try, it will be too late and we won't be able to reverse the trajectory of the planet at that point.

The only reason scientists and now the general public is making a big "fuss" over this is because if it doesn't start changing NOW then we are fucked. You can't warm a planet several degrees past it's normal average without consequence.

So you tell me... you think the planet is warming and it's man made, but it can just keep getting warmer and warmer and nothing will happen? That's just ignorant. People that use logical thinking will realize that it's something that should be dealt with BEFORE it becomes completely disastrous. That's the whole fucking point. If you think this is about anyone saying that next week we will all be under water, then you aren't paying attention.

If things continue. In this direction. Then bad shit will happen. All over the fucking world. That's a fact. Whether you like it or not. Get fucking used to it.

Denying it or saying it's not so bad now does jack shit. It's bad and it's getting worse and at some point it will be so bad that we will choke on our own waste and this planet will not be able to house us anymore. Am I talking about me personally? No idiot. I'm talking about generations from now. Humanity. My great great great grandchildren. The future of the planet. If you don't like it because it sounds alarmist I don't give a fuck, it's fact and you can't deny it.