Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/18/2019 11:17:15 AM
Subject: Notre Dame

After the Notre Dame fire happened, I was reading about the state of the building before the fire. Just about every report was stating that it was literally crumbling, like gargoyles falling off of it and shit. Apparently there was a bunch of money set aside to repair it but it was all being held up by bureaucrats in France, so it wasn't getting the repairs it needed.

I'm not talking about a few minor fixes, the building was a fucking mess. One would think that the best thing for that building was the fire, because now they have ONE BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS TO FIX IT?!? a billion was donated to repair it which will undoubtedly leave it in much better condition than before the fire.

Now today they are saying it was a short circuit that caused the fire. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but isn't this a bit too convenient? There's no proof obviously, but I thought it would be interesting if somebody decided to assist in the starting of the fire to save the building.

Not sure if anyone else heard about this, but apparently Assassins Creed had digitally constructed the Notre Dame to include in the game and now they are thinking that they MIGHT use the blueprints from the game to assist in reconstructing the building. Now that's fucking cool... a Canadian video game could be responsible for helping to rebuild a world famous building that's almost a millennia old.