Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/18/2019 10:03:36 AM
Subject: RE: In what year...

I'll admit that I was indoctrinated at an early age about climate change... it was in this niche group called grade 9 science class. Only in the last decade have I realized how bad it truly will be if we continue in this direction though.

The main problem here, like with flat earthers, is that no matter how much evidence, no matter what the experts say people's minds will not be changed on it. I watched a great documentary on flat earthers, and they made some comparisons to climate change denial. They show very clearly how it is possible for someone to believe something even when the contrary is shown quite clearly.

The documentary is called "Behind the Curve". We get to see flat earthers experimenting with very expensive and complicated equipment, only to show them that the earth is curved. When faced with this evidence, they start coming up with other ways to influence the experiment so that it might show the earth being flat. They get a gyroscope worth $20k to try and prove that there is no tilt from the spin and when they get the results and see that there is indeed a tilt, they decide to enclose the gyroscope in something because they believe outside energy interferes with the gyroscope. When that shows the same result, they decide to get another type of material to enclose the gyroscope in because the last one wasn't the right type of material.

See the parallels here? They are taking the end result that they want to see and they work backwards from there instead of asking the real question and finding the truth behind it by asking the question and doing experiments to discover the result. Climate Deniers already have a preconceived notion that it either doesn't exist, or it isn't getting worse or to a critical level. We could show them core samples, peer reviewed data etc etc. but it wouldn't matter. No amount of proof will change their minds and until they decide to actually think critically and logically, jumping outside of their bubbles, they won't accept any argument or evidence shown to them. It's just as obvious here as anywhere else because there are some issues that minds won't be changed regardless of proof or evidence. It will never be good enough, so it's pointless to argue with them.