Author: WarStrider <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/18/2019 6:27:21 AM
Subject: RE: In what year...

As usual when asked directly which natural cycle is causing the warming, then all the deniers and skeptics go silent or just repeat their disproved memes over again.

Worthless buncha whack bitches gibbering and flapping their gums on the internet.

I'll tell you that when I first heard about global warming I thought it was bullshit too. But people kept talking about it, so I eventually looked into it and I was eventually convinced by the sheer weight of the evidence that CO2 was rising through our emissions and that it was causing the earth to warm. It isn't really that hard a concept to understand, any high school science class can replicate the experiment and measure the effects. What is hard is to figure out the consequences because the earth is a globe with oceans and continents, mountains and air flows. This is why predicting what exactly is going to happen is so difficult.