Author: WarStrider <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/16/2019 9:13:01 AM
Subject: RE: In what year...

That '70s thing about global cooling is a trope, it was never a scientific consensus. Sure a couple of scientists were thinking that way, but if you look at the Milankovitch cycles it does seem plausible that we would be sliding slowly into a new ice age because that is the pattern. But global warming turned that cycle right around, which shows how powerful CO2 is as a climate regulator.

Natural cycles are fairly well understood now and none of them explain the sudden spike in warming. Sudden being understood on a long time scale, the infamous hockey stick graph.

I say the deniers have retreated and planted new goal posts, as they are wont to do, because they keep losing ground in the argument and only the dumb ones are unaware of it and still use the old arguments which have been thoroughly disproven over and over again.

But it you want to discuss natural cycles, then tell me which one is responsible for the present warming we see?