Author: WarStrider <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/13/2019 3:00:42 PM
Subject: RE: In what year...

Well, back to the OP, you guys are doing what you can to push a page off before the year is out. Yay! haha

This other forum I hang out on there is an argument with the Flat Eathers. Yah, that is a thing, apparently something like 7% of Americans think the Earth is flat. Whaaaa....?????? haha

That is what I think of the Global Warming deniers these days. Total brainwashed fools. I mean, I get it if you were a skeptic way back in the day when it was mostly theory and very little real world evidence, but now there is so much real world data showing how true the warming is, that most deniers have moved on to agreeing the Earth is warming, just hanging their hats on the new goal post of its all just natural cycles and such.