Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/12/2019 9:39:10 PM
Subject: RE: In what year...

So because one prediction didn't come true, it must not be real right? Or because Al Gore was more alarmist than anyone else and some of his predictions didn't come true... that's complete bullshit. We are being affected by it regardless of how fast or slow it's happening. You can't discount the massive floods, fires, hurricanes etc. that have been happening more frequently.

The proof and evidence is easy to find. It's out there and it's not hard to see it. Yes, you could be the skeptic and say that the vast majority of scientists aren't accurate. That's fine. I know that pointing to a higher authority may be a flaw in logic, but in this case the amount of people with several decades of knowledge and experience are ALL saying that man made climate change is real and it's hurting the planet and will be catastrophic if we don't change shit up... then you might have some reason to worry.

But seriously... to discount NASA, WWF (Wildlife not wrestling), Neil D. Tyson, Hawkings and basically any notable scientist that uses logic and has more brain cells than we could ever destroy in a thousand lifetimes, it's just a bit much. You'd have to have a large wide scale conspiracy on the level of flat earthers to believe that all of these people are just making shit up or mistaken.

So sure, a few people have made predictions that haven't come true yet, but there are a shit ton of predictions coming true and it only makes sense that it's going to get worse. Ice caps melting into the ocean, sea levels rising, temperatures go up, storms increase, rinse and repeat. You would have to deny that excessive levels of CO2 increase climate, which we know evaporates water and melts ice, making the ocean rise. But is it humans causing climate change? Well, I'm sure anyone here has seen the charts and graphs over long periods of time showing how drastically the average global climate has gone up since the industrial revolution. This is easy to see and I've seen cherrypicked charts from Ted Cruz showing smaller time periods beginning and ending with up spikes. Those are the only ones that don't show the massive spike in climate in the last century.

I could spend the next hour of my life trying to prove that the earth is roun... errr I mean that humans have caused global climate change for the worse, but I'll just post one and if you can logically debate against the info here then I'll hear what you have to say, but telling me a computer or Gore told you something that didn't happen means literally nothing, so if that's how you form an argument I hope you can do better this time