Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 4/1/2019 9:14:34 AM
Subject: RE: canadian political drama + crazy secret re

Are you fucking kidding me? I don't like Trudeau, but calling him out for being sarcastic against a heckler, regardless of context, is bullshit. Look at Trump, if he did or said something like that it wouldn't even make the news. He does that shit every single day. Yes it was insensitive, but I think Trump has shown us all that if you're a dickhead asshole 100% of the time, you can get away with it. Oh, but if you do it once and somebody records it, then you'll never live it down.

This kind of shit is just background noise that doesn't affect anything. People get offended way too easily, nobody can take a joke anymore and this is exactly one of those off the cuff remarks that should just be brushed off as nothing, but instead snowballs into a huge controversy.

I just wish people would focus on what's actually important instead of being offended professionally all the fucking time. Give it a rest.