Author: Maelstrom <yourmom>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/29/2019 7:03:08 AM
Subject: RE: FGTS

You really think I disenfriendchised you because I give a flying fuck about what people say about someone I thought was a douchebag when you were probably in elementary school?

Rare is me unfriending someone on Disgracebook... it was done because every time you posted one of your ill-conceived communism-lite/everything in shithole SEA countries is infinitely better than the U.S. posts, I often felt obligated to do a cursory logic pass on it, JUST in case there were a few people left in your echo chamber that were still only drinking the brain poison instead of having advanced to mainlining it.

And, of course, every time, you (and often, your SJW carebear shitlord Berklites) would cry... and not in the "you're wrong, and here is why..." manner, but in the "OmG fAcIsM i CaN pOsT wHaT i WaNt!" way... no valuable discourse, no enlightening perspective that stands on its own merit... just like a group of kids whose parents didn't love them enough to buy them real Transformers, so they form a GoBot's R Bedder No Gerls! tree house club and throw tantrums every time I come by to show off how bad ass it is to have a fucking robot panther come out of a heavily armed anthropomorphic walkman.

So I says to myself... self... we know we can't just let these fucking steaming piles of inanity just slime by, regardless as to the incredibly low probability of someone reading them having not already been culturally lobotomized... what if a kid saw one?!

On the other hand, I love this dude... this Owen Wilson from Zoolander meets The Dude and have a baby who huffs lead-based spray paint beautiful motherfucker... I mean... I KNOW this guy: I don't just follow him on on fucking YouTube or something, I fucking know this dude...

Unfollowing is for catty, passive aggressive bitches.

That's why I said I would do us both a favor and just remedy the situation... I don't like not love you anymore, I just could neither stand idly by while you spread some malformed subversive half-bake or another, nor could I continue the baby seal clubbing that occurs anytime your simple but beautiful attempts at communication are challenged.

Also, I have been completely off FB for like 2+ monthish?

ON A SIDE NOTE... once, last year? Year before? When you went on one of your public diary self-improvement kicks, you were abstaining from acklehaul for, I dunno, a month... one of your friends weighed in and said it really takes 3 months to see a major change, etc... anyway, I was interested because I do a one month fast every year... and that little blurb he posted stuck with me, and this year I am doing 3 months... started Jan 14... (No acklehaul, ditched the soshmedes, and been doing keto... down, I dunno, 30lbs+ so far... 109.8 kg Jan 14, 95.9 kg this morning... AND I AIN'T EVEN DUMPED YET)

So I DO miss plenty of aspects of your FB carnival, but again, I cherish our relationship too much to continue to subject you to the harsh, unwavering bite of reality.