Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/25/2019 3:04:36 PM
Subject: RE: New Zealand is changing its gun laws.

You're both right, the right doesn't hold any one specific view about immigration or gun control, but they certainly aren't do much or enough to fight against what their party views are.

The right, just like the left, have become synonymous with certain ideologies and I find it hilarious Creedo that you are now DEFENDING a sweeping generalization of a political party or side. I constantly see from you the same regarding the left. How the left is the scourge of the earth, or the left wants to take your guns away or the left want open borders like Mikey does.

I'm not saying the right is responsible completely, but I am saying gun laws have been defended by the right in the political theater for decades. The right has repeatedly fought against stricter gun laws and stricter borders, or even a border wall. So yeah, not everyone falls in that spectrum, but the party itself is very clear about where they stand.