Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/23/2019 12:40:23 PM
Subject: RE: New Zealand is changing its gun laws.

Dude, you don't get it. In the USA if the government wanted to become tyranical and attack its people they could do it easily and without any legitimate opposition. People can't defend themselves against drone strikes and military weapons. It's not like France, where the military is being used to control protesters. If the US stood up against Trump and started rioting in the streets and riot squads and military were used to contain them, it wouldn't be considered the government turning tyranical. That's ridiculous.

The truth is, the 2nd amendment has EVERYTHING to do with protecting the people against rogue tyranical governments and that just isn't a reality in this age of democracy and if they DID decide to do it, no amount of AR15's would matter. It's a pointless ammendment.

The NRA is the true backing force behind stopping legitimate gun control laws. They have vowed to take no steps backwards and all steps forward. They fight restricting the age of purchase for semi-auto weapons and they fight against ANY type of mandatory background checks. Their position has ALWAYS been that if they take away one gun, they may as well take away all of them. It's fucking ancient and harmful to the country to keep dumbass views like this and it only helps more white supremacist extremists armed as well as the brown terrorists armed.

Get rid of high powered rifles and make sure that sketchy people can't go and legally purchase a weapon in a gun store or trade show. That's not a lot to ask and it has been proven to make a difference in the amount of gun violence a country has.

Don't talk to me about banning knives and that being on the same level or platform. The only reason a dipshit right wing extremist was able to kill 40 people in 2 minutes was that he was legally allowed to purchase high powered rifles meant for killing several people at once. He wouldn't have moved to New Zealand if they didn't allow him to have those weapons and he sure of hell would have done it in the US if he didn't realize that New Zealand had a lot of immigrants as well.

The right has this antiquated view that white people should be armed and anybody from another country of a different color shouldn't be allowed in your country. You want freedoms, yet you want to restrict the freedoms of those that come to the country later than you did. It's bullshit. You are in a country built on immigrants and just because it was built by immigrants hundreds of years ago doesn't change what that means or who it should or should not include.