Author: Creedo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/23/2019 12:30:21 AM
Subject: RE: New Zealand is changing its gun laws.

"The Constitution is outdated in some regards. All of my reading and research indicates this is some sort of left-over common law from English Bill or Rights that had to do with Protestants and Catholics. The Catholics took away the guns of Protestants. This pissed a ton of people off so they built a law in to protect. And that carried over. "

See this already shows that the concept of a true free society has sadly already failed. This country and it's constitution was designed where the people would always have power over their government... always! We've lost that for many reasons... the ballot and technology that has pushed the boundaries of weapon tech beyond the reach of ordinary citizens.... which I AGREE is not a good thing. People should not have access to military grade weapons outside of the military itself.

Our founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when the constitution was drafted up, It ensures that our government does not rule us.... y'know... that whole reason we left England. But no one could predict the terrifying level of weapons to come. So the whole "should citizens have access to nukes?" and, "you can't fight the government with deer rifles or AR-15's hurp derp.." are stupid fucking arguments because those fights have already been lost a long time ago.... guess who won? I think we all know... Government did simply due to the change in technology and the push to ensure we have the most powerful military force on the planet that could defend us and our liberty!

The 2nd is outdated only in the sense that we've already largely surrendered what it is to truly be free, especially all of the risk and responsibility that comes with it. So in that sense Tones... you are correct. I realize a huge amount of the constitution does not apply or even concern a large percentage of the population mainly those living in dense population areas... LA, NY, Chicago, etc. People there have already surrendered a massive laundry list of personal liberties for the rules those parts of our society live in. I get it... life there dictates that I suppose. For the rural rest of us.... we want nothing to do with that! So things like the right to self defense, the 2nd etc. mean a great deal to us because we're out here living life on different terms and are not handing over life and liberty to someone else's coin toss. Guns ensure that such things aren't worth the risk in the first place!

I give you a little personal info as a person who's managed patient registration for a busy ER at a hospital in Plano Tx... and I'm sure this is no secret, but maybe to some. Almost every gunshot victim (we had on average 3 a night.. sometimes more) that came through our ER was on the receiving end of a homeowner defending themselves with a firearm during a robbery, shot by police, or shot from domestic violence where a firearm was already illegal to be in possession in the first place. I knew all the cops, I've heard all the stories, and every time it always ended with "thank god the homeowner was able to defend themselves!", or, "stupid fuckers win stupid prizes... don't test the police... when they ever gonna learn?"

So.. I know this is getting long winded so I'll wrap it up, but I do not personally feel more bans, more "control" is going to ammount to anything other then more power in the hands of criminals who wish us harm. That's my stance on the issue.