Author: LaNdno <>     Reply to Message
Date: 3/19/2019 10:13:01 AM
Subject: RE: New Zealand is changing its gun laws.

Yeah, I've always felt the same way Niall, which is why, Creedo, your logic is not sound at all. MOST people that own guns in America aren't keeping them just in case the government decides to become tyrannical and attack its citizens. Although the government may not always be trusted, the likelyhood of them ever ACTUALLY dispatching military to attack the people is ZILCH. It's just not ever going to happen anytime soon. And to Niall's point, if they DID decide to attack the people, it wouldn't matter how many guns you have, the military doesn't need to use gun to gun combat. Maybe you didn't notice that they have drones, helicopters, jets, tanks etc. No amount of guns is going to protect you from the US Military if they ever decide to fight you. It just makes no sense at all and it often seems as it's used as an excuse to own a gun, when in reality you own a gun to protect your household.

And here comes the next point... I don't think it's unreasonable to want to have a gun in your house to protect your family. I see nothing wrong with a responsible person owning a gun. However, in several states, pretty much anyone can get a gun anytime. This is a result of the American culture. It's easy to get guns, it's been like that for a while, so naturally there are a shit ton of guns out there. I don't think that's any excuse to just not have strict gun control laws, because it isn't.

The NRA and headstrong gun activists have been completely open about them not willing to give ANY ground to gun control laws. They reject and vote against any and all gun control laws even the ones that make perfect sense that the majority of citizens agree with, like restricting access to mental patients and criminals.

The point is moot now anyways. The damage is done. There are already too many guns in the states and getting rid of those will be impossible. All you can hope for now is that the laws start changing now and hopefully in the future something makes a difference. But again, beyond that, there are several other issues causing mass killings like this, and idiots with followers on 4Chan and reddit are doing this to become proud gods instead of proud boys. They get a shit ton of credit and praise for killing immigrants. Without the backing of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of extremists, they wouldn't be so bold to attack and kill people. I truly believe they have platforms that allow them to spread this hatred and have it reciprocated online. Law enforcement would have to infiltrate these groups and pick off the ones that are likely to take action. In this day and age, we should be able to keep our eyes on these nutjobs and catch them before they do something like this.