Author: Fresh Meat . <mymodem gmail>     Reply to Message
Date: 1/22/2019 12:27:38 PM
Subject: Good Cannabis Herb Vaporizer for $17.82 CAD

Or $14.26 USD and free shipping on a slow boat from China.
Other colors available under the price.

I bought one and it's a solid product. I buy all kinds of things from Fast Tech so I can vouch for the site.

This is a true vape same as the expensive ones. It vaporizes the dry herb it does not combust. This one does not have jars for oil or coils for wax or shatter. Fast Tech does have other inexpensive 3 in 1 vapes if you look.

If you've never used a dry herb vape you should know vaping herb does not produce big clouds of smoke so inhaling is easy and smooth. This might be good for a non smoker using CBD herb.

When using one of these for the first time you're going to think it's not good because the smoke volume it produces is small. So you'll puff on it like an old sea captain. Then you'll be like wholly fuck, I'm baked!

And the taste is way different because the burnt flavor is missing.

Here's one that does e-juice tanks on one end, and vapes dry, wax or oil on the other end.
I only know what's written on the page for that one.