Author: LaNdo <>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/14/2018 9:09:14 PM
Subject: Wayne Gretzky

After playing a few years of fantasy hockey, I feel like I am a lot more familiar with hockey player stats... what's good, what's not... what to expect from certain players and teams. I find I'm on hockeydb or yahoo sports checking a players history to see what kind of seasons they'd had previously. Great players like Crosby at their peak had 120 points but a good season and normal season for them is around 80-90 points. Other good players will end up with 60-90 and those are worthwhile slots as well.

Then I decided to check and see what Gretzky's best seasons looked like. I had watched him play on TV and IRL a few times and I knew he was the greatest player alive, but I hadn't realized how fucking ridiculous his points were back in the early to mid 80's... And yes, I know today's hockey is a different game than 1982. I'll give you that. That shaves a few points off... but in 81-82 this motherfucker had 212 points in 80 games. He missed 2 games and still cleared 200 by a country mile. Fucking insane. Sure he got 215 a few years later, but in 82 he had 92 goals and 120 assists (compared to 52 goals and 163 assists in 82). WTF?!?! The best players today would be LUCKY to get half of that. Half of that is the best season for most of the top 5 players in the league for the last decade. HALF.

Christ. That shit blew my mind when I looked at it.