Author: Inferno <sure>     Reply to Message
Date: 12/3/2018 12:22:36 PM
Subject: RE: Google wants to know your location - Allow

@Fresh Meat - we frequently use social media posts or comments as evidence in court to charge people who threaten the prime minister, even as a joke, under section 264.1(1) of the criminal code. Also keep in mind anything you post is there forever, even if deleted.

Social media today is the greatest law enforcement tool in the world, given its powers, reach and simplicity. For Google and Facebook to give you so much free content and power and entertainment, the catch is they capture anything and everything, even when you turn off your trackers. All of that data is how they make their billions, and all of that data is completely disclosable with a warrant signed by a judge. So be careful what you post out there. Words sometimes do cut deeper than a knife.