Author: Niall <>     Reply to Message
Date: 11/23/2018 10:58:43 AM
Subject: RE: Google wants to know your location - Allow

I try to block my location more than anything, though I'm probably not great at that either. I dislike how easy it is to doxx someone these days, and regularly tell people we need to go back to 1997 internet when everyone was anonymous.

I use Facebook to talk with relatives mostly. And fuck around with Maelstrom's posse on there. I have 90% of my friends list blocked, so i don't have much activity on my feed, keeps me from checking it very often, and I have all the jesus freak and soccer mom posts out of the way.

Twitter is where I get all my sports news, i've recently started unfollowing any sports fuckers who throw political or SJW shit into my timeline every day, but it's def the site I use the most.

I go through short phases where i'll watch someone on Twitch, recently was into a guy streaming FIFA 19 for a couple weeks, till I got sick of the game. I should watch more of jabes on there, but he's often too late-night for me! :(

Youtube I watch a lot of outdoorsy shit. Currently in the middle of this vid:
and I watch every single video this guy puts out: